Hello, and welcome to Follow That Trash Truck! Here's what this blog is all about.

This blog is a place where I gladly share recycled projects I do and projects I like made by others on the occasion. I do mostly junk journals when it comes to recycling, but there are so many other projects which I've used recycled materials in.

Like any junk journalist, I collect things I deem useful for a project despite the fact it is in fact considered garbage. It's true and vouched by many junk journalists and other recycled art enthusiast that the art form of reusing something and making it into something else can be rather addicting. For me it's an enjoyable game, a fun challenge to find ways of using material which would normally be looked past and tossed away. It's fun finding ways to reuse something and make it seem new, or using it in such a way that it's no longer just some piece of junk to toss in the recycling bin or trash can.

I find myself always snatching something from the recycling bin or saving something before it gets tossed in the trash. Whether it be an old fruit net, piece of scrap metal, doughnut box, shopping bag, or some other odd thing, I save it away in my stash with a single thought, "This could be useful somewhere..." With that thought I start a goal of finding some way to use it and hope to get to it eventually....That word (eventually) can mean way down the road, and I mean several years later, which in some cases can become a problem *cough* too much trash piling up in the corner.

You get the general idea of what I mean. So for all those recycled material art enthusiasts out there, welcome, and don't forget to follow that trash truck. :P

Name history: Follow That Trash Truck was a fun jingle that came to mind because of junk journalists, and recycled material crafters alike. Some of the journal makers and paper addicts such as myself have fun names for their YouTube channels, and then I thought of one that seemed to fit me and my developing enjoyment in the art of junk journaling and other recycled crafts. The name has been remembered and my family strongly encouraged me to start a blog just for fun where I could use it.

Pointers: For those who don't know about my other blogs, I have a main blog where I share all my art projects, and second to that is a side blog where I share my more scifi creations. Know that most the content which you will see here on this blog is shared over from my main art blog  Pearllight Studio  Feel free to check that out if you're interested to see more than junk journals and projects made with a few recycled elements.

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